I noticed that there is a file library, or at least a separate category for planes, panels, gauges and scenery in FlightSim.com. Wouldn't it be good to also have a separate file library or category for macros and objects that can be used in scenery design ?

Today, zip files containing macros "a nice house and some other stuff" are posted somewhere lost in the utilities and miscellaneous section. Up to you to find out what the "other stuff" might be. And there's a big chance that you have already forgotten what the "other stuff" from the first file was about when you are checking the "other stuff" of the 3rd or 4th posting.

Think about this : if I should already consider investing my very limited time in scenery design, a lot of that time would probably go to designing the right objects that belong in my scenery. And there's a pretty big chance that I'm designing my objects myself and reinventing the wheel because I don't know that the object was already in the "some other stuff'" of the 5th posting. Guess how much time remains to design and compose scenery ? Guess how big the chance that I will be able to complete my scenery, test it and post in on FlighSim ? I think you got the message by now.

I'm convinced that a separate category, with each macro or reusable object posted as a separate item and with a meaningful description, maybe even with several related objects grouped in a common subcategory, would very much motivate and stimulate new scenery design. Shall we go for it ?