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Thread: Having issues with my controls can anyone give me some advice?

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    Default Having issues with my controls can anyone give me some advice?

    Can any of you experienced guys help me with my controls? (T flight Hotas thrustmaster xbox)

    I'm a student pilot and bought a XBOX series X and got flight sim 2020 as I figured it would be a good help in procedure training and Navigation training.

    I've tried playing the game with the thrustmaster hotas and the sensitivity and trim makes it extremely frustrating to use.

    The toggle on the back of the throttle is used for the trim, but when I use it it wont stick, if I pitch the nose up, as soon as I let go of the trim it will sink again as if I didnt trim at all.

    When I'm turning the aircraft it wont remain stable or coordinated and will violently turn and climb or descend. It's difficult trying to fly traffic patterns and go through procedures when you're fighting the aircrafts stability the entire time.

    Does anyone have settings i could plug into my options menu that would make these controls more realistic and enjoyable to play with?

    I would really like to get into flight simming as I will be starting my instrument training soon and I think having a funcioning flight sim will be very valuable for my training.

    I appreciate any advice and help anyone can offer!

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    Go to the assistant menu and turn off auto trim.
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    The following is what I found when looking this issue up online.
    I nyself do not have this joystick.

    As far as I understand, the switch on the back of the throttle is a rocker switch.
    It always returns to center.
    It does not work like a keypress, its more like a joystick axis.

    It is normally used for controlling the rudder.

    From the Manual for your joystick (found online):
    page 3/10


    Your joystick features a rudder function, which in a plane corresponds to the pedals used by the pilot to turn the steering, allowing the plane to pivot around its vertical axis (therefore making the plane turn left or right).
    This rudder function is accessible on your joystick by rotating the handle to the left or right.

    This rudder function is accessible in three ways:

    - on your joystick by rotating the handle (4) to the left or right.

    - via the rocking button (8) on the throttle.

    - or via the TFRP RUDDER rudder pedals system (sold separately).

    If you are only using the rocking button (or if you are not using the rudder function), you can disable the handle's rotation thanks to the locking screw (5) located on the base of the

    joystick. Use a flat head screwdriver to change the screw’s position and thus lock/unlock the rudder function.
    Hope that helps.

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    I have this Thrustmaster for Xbox. I think mine was pretty much plug and play. I reassigned a few buttons for the flaps and trim. Make sure the big button just below the joystick is turned on as well. I sometimes have to unplug my Thrustmaster and plug it back in for it to recognize it again.
    Did you get yours to work?
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