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Thread: My FS Flights - Seeking beta users

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    Default My FS Flights - Seeking beta users

    My FS Flights is excited to announce that we are now open for beta registrations!

    Beta Registration

    My FS Flights is an analysis, tracking and planning tool that adds a new dimension to your flying experience!

    Here is a sample of a shared flight: View Shared Flight

    All the content is automatically created during your flight, departure and arrival airports are not required, and you can also record bush flights.

    These detailed screens are stored in your logbook and can be freely shared with anyone by using the share link. You don't need an account or login to view shared flights.

    Key Features:


    From airports visited to G-Forces experienced, hours flown to glide slopes, My FS Flights records every detail for easy comparison and analysis.


    Your flights are displayed in 2 or 3 dimensions, using a variety of map styles.

    Our map contains over 270,000 of points of interest so you can explore the very ground you fly over! From monuments to mines, cities to hamlets, museums to city halls you can find something new about the places you explore.

    Geotagged screenshots

    Screenshots taken are geotagged and associated with each flight. These are stored in the cloud allowing you to share with your friends!


    Share your latest flights with you friends so they can see how well (or badly) you did using our analysis and summaries. They can also view your Geotagged screenshots that you took on the way!


    Compare your stats to other users, flex your flying time, achieve the perfect score, or visit the most countries, regions or airports!


    Using a wide range of parameters such as surface type, weather, direction, distance, country, region and airport. The possibilities are endless to find your next flight! Adjust your results in our planning tool to create the perfect flight plan.


    Automatically downloaded to your simulator the plans you’ve made. Use our calendar to plan your weekend flight schedule so you don't waste a minute!


    Visualizations are created during your flight to show your G Force, speed, altitude, pitch and bank angle.


    At a glance check the important details of your flight.

    Live Tracking

    Flights can be viewed and shared live. After completion, the complete flights are stored in the cloud allowing for access from any device and by anyone you’ve shared it with.

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    This video explains how to review a flight on My FS Flights

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