Recently saw a documentary about this plane. Slightly slower than the Concorde - M1.7 rather than M2 - and much longer range - NY to Tokyo. But will only carry 80 passengers, still has noise issues, and still requires large runways. Cost? Expect $5k for NY to London in three hours, and as one analyst put it, "how many people will pay that much to go that far in that time?"; when a regular flight is only twice as long but for a tenth the price. Sure there will be those for whom it will be for the status (bragging rights ...just like the company making it), but unlike the Concorde there will be no government subsidy to help with operational costs, which I predict will spiral far beyond expectations so the entire project will bankrupt (if indeed it ever becomes operational) or will become a millionaires' plaything.

Commercial supersonic flight will never be viable unless they can carry enough people per flight to bring the costs within range of the average traveler (A380 at M1.5?).

If they really want to speed up air travel, do something about the ridiculous wait times between getting to the airport, boarding the plane, and take-off. Some airports are stating, "you need to get here at least four hours before departure time". For any flight less than 800-900 miles you can probably drive there in the same amount of time.

(Some years ago the TV show "Mythbusters" proved this. Two couples in front of a hotel in San Francisco, one couple got in a rental car and headed for a hotel in Los Angeles, the other couple took a taxi to the airport, flew to Los Angeles, and took a taxi to the same hotel. The couples arrived within forty minutes of each other.)