I bought the Zenith on the marketplace several months but I have used it little because of the difficulty in short field landings.

I can come in at 20 mph over stall speed fine. When I start lowering the throttle, however, the nose heads for the sky and airspeed drops below stall and I drop like a rock. Pushing forward on the stick doesn't do any good because of the lack of airspeed over the tail. Adding throttle makes matters worse because the leading edge slats leave the stall first and kick the nose up even more.

I found this explanation on the publisher's website but not what to do about it. I checked the real plane's POH, and it said no special techniques or training were required. From this I gather the problem does not exist on the real plane.

I bought the plane on the marketplace so therefore it is not a sure thing that I have all the updates. I am using modern flight model so that is not the problem.

There are others using the Zenith for STOL so there must be a technique for doing a short steep final.

I would appreciate advice because I always wanted one IRL and that is why I bought it. It would be nice if it wasn't a hanger queen.