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Thread: Tom Gibson's Website?

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    Thumbs up Tom Gibson's Website?

    I'm curiuos as to how Tom Gibson's website looked in 1998?

    Christopher Tarana

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    If you know the URL then try using the internet "wayback machine".
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    According to Wikipedia, the Wayback machine was 'created in 1996 and launched to the public in 2001.' LOL!

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    I now get the joke. LOL!

    But! Flat-files are pretty cool in their own right. He could host that website for free via Amazon AWS S3 and use a CNAME via Cloudflare's DNS...

    The other neat thing is you could use IPFS (Inter-planetary File System) and a node with Pinata to host your content via the block chain. As of this post, browsers like Brave can access an IPFS hosted resource.

    Anyway, looks like the first recorded history of the website was in 2001, but none of the grabs render. 2002 does however.


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