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Thread: Rio de Janeiro

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    Did you searched for AP396400.bgl. file in scenery/Same/scenery folder? Is it still a bgl file, or has it changed to something like AP396400.bak?

    If you get a COD in this area, it could caused by several reasons. Therefore I would suggest to deactivate all your scenery.cfg entries, except 'World Scenery', 'Default Terrain`and 'Default Scenery'.

    If this basic setting works correctly, go to SBGL and save it as flight. Then reactivate your scenery entries step by step and start each time FS9 with the saved filght, until you get a COD again. Doing this way, you should be able to determinate the entry causing the crash.

    It might be a anoying job, I agree, but it's still the fastest way to get a clear result.


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    Sorry guys my mistake. I went to the correct area and I still had issues. I did fix it by re-installing all the default sceneries from the SAME folder. None of them were missing but they must have been corrupt. Thanks for the help everyone.

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    Glad you got it sorted.

    Out of interest, I found this ICAO database maintained by Martin Gossman of Owl Tools. Select your country and there's lat, lon and alt.

    It looks like a pretty comprehensive list. Setting lat & lon in FS9's map will get you right overhead where any airport should be.


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