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Thread: Does a true Ready for Pushback conversion for FSX exist?

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    Default Does a true Ready for Pushback conversion for FSX exist?

    Best as I can find, the RFP plane is the ONLY high quality study sim steam gauge 747 plane the Microsoft world has.

    I've downloaded over a half dozen different 'repaired' for FSX versions of RFP, they are all the same crippled RFP versions with the majority of the original RFP 2D panels missing, dysfunctional or inoperative.

    Is there any true, nearly completely functional RFP for FSX?

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    If I recall, the gauges were based on FS98 interfaces and not compatible with FSX.


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    I'm far from an expert but I'm quite certain you are correct.

    The begging question is if and how difficult it would be to port or convert these older gauges to a FSX format?

    I'm sadly hypothesizing that this would be a very challenging and daunting task, hence the reason no one has done it yet.

    Is anyone gauge and .xml program savy that can comment?

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    If those gauges come as .gau -files you are out of luck. You can not read (or edit) .gau files.
    (Unlike with .xml files.)
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