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Thread: Article: Video: Flightsim vs Real Life Landings

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    Default Article: Video: Flightsim vs Real Life Landings

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    For sure the latest version of Microsoft's simulator is a huge improvement on the previous FS9 and FSX, until you land and see the buildings, There is no quick and easy solution for that, which is why I spent 18 years making buildings for FS9in Canada! I have tried to find someone (or a company) who would convert my FS9 buildings for MSFS use, but so far with no result.

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    Keep up the great work Roger, been using your stuff for years.

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    Hi Roger,

    being from Germany, Canada is not really a region of the world, I am flying in (over? - don't know). And I am certainly not keen to convert 18 years of scenery creation (sorry!).

    But as a matter of interest, I gave it a trial, took one of my old FSX Hangars and tried to convert.

    1. the model has no LODs
    2. it is a simple model - 4 walls and a roof
    3. originally created using GMax, so I still had the GMax and MDL files and the texture map in BMP format.
    4. used ModelConverterX to sucessfully load the MDL
    5. used ModelconverterX to export in gltf format
    6. sucessfully loaded the gltf file into Blender 3.2
    7. checked the texture mapping
    8. saved as .BLEND file

    From here I would use my normal workflow using the Asobo Blender to MSFS exporter and the SDK.

    No clue what it means for the conversion of airports with all the stuff needed for instrument navigation - never built one myself, except for some individual buildings as mentioned above.
    No clue what it means for the conversion of more complex features including point lights, glass surfaces, LOD levels or other.

    But the simple thing I did above suggests, that a simple model can be converted in an hour - probably less.

    Much depends on the files and the formats they are in.


    Christian Grimsel

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    Maybe I should add, that - despite of what I wrote at the beginning of my previous post - I am of course prepared to spend time and help, if I can. I maybe sounded a bit harsh, but that was not my intention.

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    If you are interested, let's open a proper thread on this

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    Great to hear Roger! I’m sure I used some of your creations back in the day! Glad the video opened a discussion between you and Christian and perhaps will lead to a positive outcome.

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    Great work Roger. Don't pay too much attention to the critic from Germany,
    Obviously there is no comparison between structures in the previous sims with MSFS. Trying to compare them is like trying to comapare a horse with an orange. We had great fun with your productions.
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    Hi Roger, I have sent you a message, at least I tried.

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