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Thread: cant see a damn thing and I want to land

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    Default cant see a damn thing and I want to land

    I know Im in the neighborhood of the airport I want to come down to, I also know the frequency for instrument approach.
    but I dont know how far I am from the airport....mist is very heavy, I have to use a match to even see my hand... what do I!!!!
    if u dont have a real help dont bother to answer....dont show off telling me how great u are and I have to learn,,,I need help now or Im dead.
    thanks in adavance

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    Have you done all the lessons in the Learning Center?

    Have you done ANY of the lessons in the Learning Center?

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    Your questions(s) being rather indeterminate, some additional information might help someone give you a usable answer. What airport? What type of aircraft? Which type of instrument approach (there are several different types)? Do you have the approach plate for the approach you're trying to use?

    Instrument flying and instrument approaches DO take time and effort to learn, so don't expect an "instant cure" type of answer, but the above requested information might give us a start on helping you.

    If the above falls into the "if u dont have a real help dont bother to answer" kind of thing then you're completely out of luck- this isn't about how great anyone is, just the "facts of life."

    Larry N.

    As Skylab would say:
    Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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    Turn on your cockpit lights so you can see your instruments! Does the aircraft you are flying have DME? If you have the ILS frequency dialed in on NAV1 it should show distance to your runway threshold.

    This is a shot of one of my MFD on a 737. I'm on the ground at the airport so the DME reading is 0 miles. DME is "Distance Measuring Equipment".

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Anyone expecting to possibly fly at night should ALWAYS carry a flashlight and a couple of FRESH EXTRA Batteries. Military pilots usually have a "gooseneck" 90 deg flashlight with a spring clip on the back top of it - allows it to be pushed down on the neck of a shirt or flight suit, or on a lanyard around one's neck. That way it can shine on the instrument panel to free up a hand.

    A supposed true story is told about a Naval Aviator coming aboard ship in an AD Skyraider holding a straight flashlight in his mouth - he had a massive electrical failure. Before launch, he had grabbed a readily available straight one when his gooseneck had corroded batteries and he was in a hurry!
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    I would take a passenger's seat and let the pilot do the landing...............

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    hey zippy great tip! was my last match!...Im flying a small plane that after clicking all over the place I found it has DME!
    So much for the good news, now back to my problem:
    the damn fog is thicker and thicker, needless to mention I dont see any runway lights, so now I know two things: ILS frequency and distance to the runway...hmmmm I also know Im running out of gas...tho I know the distance to the airport I dont know if is ahead, to the right or even behind me!!! do I circle around hoping I intersect the ILS signal?. or what?... I think Im going to die...what do I do????!!!
    if u dont hear fom me again, say a prayer for my soul

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    I AM a passenger!!..the stupid pilot had a stroke!!!!

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    yeah! ur smart advice is gonna help me now!! the message!!!!

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    Default more of your typical answers which I wont even bother to thank or the message again and learn from zippi.

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