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Thread: Logitech extreme 3d pro Z axis9twist)

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    Default Logitech extreme 3d pro Z axis9twist)

    hi so my question is how you disable twist

    i want to use it to play retro games but the twist options mess up movements, twist left reads as movement up and twist right movement down . . . .
    i use handle to move and twist add additional movement i don't need, is there any software to fix it or i have to physically disconnect it

    when would i find info about how to disable it permamently

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    Disable the z axis inside your retro games.

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    Configure the joystick as "two axis" or "two axis with throttle". Also unplug any other controllers you may have connected, many older games get confused with multiple controllers.

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    hi ,i did talk to support of ligi and i can not disable Z axis
    i do have a question about ThrustMaster airbus version
    TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition it says i can disable Z axis on it .does any of u have it ? wanna find out before i purchase stick.i had plans to get microsoft fligth sim but didnt pull trigger yet

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