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Thread: A question for FS Design Studio 2 users

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    Hi all,

    I was just wondeing that is FSDS 2 any better than gmax? if yes what features has it got that gMAX hasnt?


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    i have fsds2 and i am happy with it. It is much easier to use then gmax and has just about the same feautures images:

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    GMAX is the more powerful design program, but FSDS2 is just so much easier to use. You make the model, and it's a painless procedure to get it exported for FS use with animations, dynamics shine, all that good stuff. It's more difficult to model some things with FSDS2 than with GMAX, though. If you don't feel like you want yourself limited, you might want to stick it out with GMAX. I've used FSDS2 for a few months, now that I'm pretty comfortable with using it to make models, I think I'll give GMAX a second chance later. I'll know what functions I need and which I don't need.

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    It's taken me a year and a half to understand gmax, and I still post in their support forum alot. I learned how to use FSDS v2 over the course of an hour by building a plane using their tutorial.

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