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    Default Live Traffic Liveries

    I'm just getting familiar with the new MSFS2020 and decided to try out the live traffic setting. The planes were either all green or yellow with a generic look. I thought "Live Traffic " meant the planes would have various familiar airline liveries rather than generic and fictitious names. Am I doing something wrong or is there some addon with real looking aircraft similar to Ultimate Traffic that worked with earlier FS versions? Thanks.

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    While I do not use the Live Traffic feature, this "might" help also has a lot more live traffic options and a slew of other useful mods
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    Free option if you have patience and a lot of time to download and install chosen liveries...

    $15.00 quick to install payware that uses clunky default MSFS models...

    Price to be determined detailed model not yet released...
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    Thanks for the help guys. I'll check those suggestions out.

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