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Thread: Lost Lake / Mt. Hood aerial adventure

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    Default Lost Lake / Mt. Hood aerial adventure

    Experience what it would be like to fly a Cubcrafters amphibian XCUB from Lost Lake Oregon, around Mt. Hood, and return for a landing on Lost Lake.


    This video created with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Sky/Weather "painted/created" by myself using MSFS's weather creation tools.

    No one has yet created MSFS 3D "scenery" for the Lost Lake lodge, so it is only visible on Google satellite maps from the air.

    If you don't want to experience the entire flight, you can fast forward using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

    This video contains flying that in a real airplane would be prohibited.
    My videos are for entertainment purposes only.
    They are “virtual experiences” that a pilot might imagine doing.
    I do not condone, support or encourage any form of illegal flying of full scale aircraft.

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    Great video. How many editing hours did you put into it? Does Lost Lake have an ICAO code? How do you start from there? I’ve only watched a few minutes so far. Will watch the whole video later. Is Timberline Lodge there? I once skied at Mt. Hood in July and had lunch at the Lodge.

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    Thanks! Hours = Many! MSFS allows you to start from anywhere. Timberline lodge is not in this video.

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