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Thread: Marine Air Virtual is open for member sign up

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    Default Marine Air Virtual will open for Member signup on July 1 2022

    Marine Air Virtual is a drama free Military style VA. We fly all USMC aircraft. We have planned group flight operations from time to time. We offer the opportunity to operate from land bases and/or aircraft carriers. We use FShub for flight maps and activity management. Our MAV website is advance signups welcome. Official opening day is 01 JUL 2021

    The minimum age for membership in Marine Air Virtual is 16 years old. NO exception made on age.
    We build teams and work together to accomplish our mission. If you are a team player we want you!
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    MAV Pilot of the Month for July 2022 is Hal Morse.

    Congratulations to Hal Morse for an outstanding effort.
    17 Total Flights, 69.94 Total Hours, 26,767 nm Total Distance

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    Congratulations to Roy Elliman for being the first MAV pilot to complete the MAV Top Gun achievement. Great work Roy!!

    Join Marine Air Virtual today to fly any of our 55 routes or complete one or more of our 5 achievements.
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