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Thread: Default msfs 2020 functions for thrustmaster warthog

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    Default Default msfs 2020 functions for thrustmaster warthog

    As a newbie I am doing the MSFS 2020 training. I have a thrustmaster hotas warthog which flt sim recognizes. However, when it discusses the instruments, etc.during training, on a Cessna 172 in this case, it says use various warthog named or numbered buttons to perform various camera functions for example. Where can I find which buttons, by name and number, to use in the training? Is there a list with a sketch that identifies the default buttons MSFS 2020 uses and their function in MSFS 2020?
    Thank you as I’m stick on how best to proceed.

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    The box that the Warthog came in has a listing of which buttons and controls have what names. The user manual that came with it also has that information.

    Have you programmed your Warthog at all? I don't have 2020 so can't help you with what it does, but if 2020's control setup is even a little like that in FSX, et al, then you should be able to get into an aircraft, operate various Warthog controls and see what they do, plus you should be able to decide what you want for flaps, gear, forward view, etc. and set 2020 for that Warthog control to do what you want. And/or, you can make a Warthog program (running TMservice, et al) to translate various Warthog controls to the various 2020 control sequences.

    The Target GUI editor should make that a snap. The additional benefit is that you can set things up so that the Warthog always uses switch X for the flaps and switch Y for the gear on any sim, sometimes with a bit of extra programming, such that 2020 and X-Plane and FSX and FlightGear all need the same operation on you Warthog to do the same.

    But at least mess with Target GUI to make things easy for yourself.

    There are multiple ways to make Warthog work FOR you, but it takes a bit of investment in time and learning to make it happen.
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