In 2012 I was offered the Fllight Simulator X from 2006. I was a big fan of what this simulator can provide in every respect. For now I do not want to purchase the most current version because I would have to buy another computer with technical and graphic requirements that I do not need. The computer I have is perfectly enough for what I need. I'm not a gaming consumer.

The problem is Fllight Simulator X from 2006, announces in the box compatibility with Windows XP or Windows Vista. In fact I used Windows Vista which meanwhile became obsolete because Microsoft stopped providing updates. I had to install Windows 10. With this operating system the simulator does not work well and presents problems that Vista updates solved (service pack 3). Ex: some aircraft have strange behaviors because they do not react to flaps, do not lose altitude, on the runway the joystick does not divert the direction of the plane, etc.

Very grateful would be if someone knew if there is any solution for this simulator to work with Windows 10.
Thank you very much