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Thread: Problem with weather in X-plane

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    Default Problem with weather in X-plane

    I'm using X-Plane 11.55 and am having a problem with the weather system. ATIS/ASOS/AWOS is always reporting "Winds, calm... Altimeter 2992". When I click into Flight Configuration and view Weather, I get a different picture. For example, right now XP's weather is basically saying 33009G216T RA BR OVC007 A2996. I can change the weather mode from "Match real world conditions" to "Manually configured" save it and it will update the weather and radios in the sim. This solution prevents it from changing as conditions change.

    I've tried running the installer to check if any of XP's files were corrupt. I've also removed and installed my weather plugins and reinstalled them. I'm running SkyMaxx Pro and FSGRW.

    As far as I can tell (I'm not sure) I believe the problem started when I tried the Enhanced Skyscapes plugin, but again.. not sure. Suggestions to fix this would be appreciated.

    Frank White (AKA VirtualGAa)

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    An update: There was a lua script I installed that was resetting the weather. I removed it an I'm now good to go. I can do a Vatsim flight (comfortably) now.

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