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    Hi everyone,

    I want to explain my problem:
    Since a few days I am using a wide-screen monitor (21") for my FS9. But now my instruments in the 2-D-Panel are like eggs. What resolution do you take in FS?
    When I use the 3-D-Panel the instruments are round...

    Thank you for your answers.


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    You're running into a mismatch between the 2D panel and monitor's aspect ratios. Many 2D panels were developed for a 4:3 aspect ratio, and are fixed due to the way they work, while modern monitors are typically 16:9, though there are a few others around too. 3D panels, on the other hand are rendered on the fly based on the monitor's resolution.

    A couple options are to either switch to 3D panels, manually resize the 2D panel or look for a widescreen panel in the file library here to replace the ones you're currently using. The thread below has an example of someone manually adjusting the 2D panel and using the radio stack to fill the extra space.

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