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    Looking for many answers, I bought my father a new gaming computer (Windows 11)
    1. His FS2004 loaded, but when I try to start. It asks if I want to allow program to make changes to computer. If I say yes, It doesn't do anything. And after, there is nothing running in Task Manager.

    2. His FS2010 loaded, but when I click the Finish button. The screen goes black with an cursor arrow on the screen. The only way to exit is a hard shut down of the computer.

    3. I bought the FS2020 download, which I got going. But he wanted controls move around (flaps on different lever). Not sure how to move? I bought the Thrustmaster Yoke Boeing Edition. He wants rudder, brakes, and the ability to steer on the ground? Assuming I need to purchase the foot controls? With no operating instruction, I bought the user guide download and the Garmin users guide, but can't find where it went after the download.

    Sorry for questions, but he is 80, I have not used his simulator or have much computer knowledge. I doing my best but need a little help. He has been flying a long time and now this is all he has.

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    Regarding the Thrustmaster, once it's plugged in it should be recognized by the Sim in the Controls section. It will probably have some default options set for the various buttons. You can select "Search by Input" on the left and push one of the buttons to see what the defaults are. You can then change those to something else.

    Click image for larger version. 

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