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Thread: Article: JustSim Releases Innsbruck LOWI For MSFS 2020

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    Default Article: JustSim Releases Innsbruck LOWI For MSFS 2020

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    ORBX got me on this one long ago

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    Oh Louis Louis, I must be mad. How many more versions of LOWI Innsbruck do I need? Kranebitten airport Oh my giddy aunt Kranebitten! sounds like it’s been bitten on the arse by a tall bird with long gangly legs and a big beak! Crane, bitten, the bird, oh dear forget it! Anyway I all ready have three versions for x plane and one for MSFS. Money is getting very tight for everybody and it can only go so far. I am no more going to throw moneys at a projects where there is already a very acceptable representation of the subject. There comes a point when you cannot split hairs between them. I would much rather these developers who are extremely talented individuals stop re inventing the wheel and delve into other projects. I am out on this one. Now the default version that ships with the MSFS is fairly reasonable. If you need more Vav va Voom other than the default with both the offering form Orbx and now with this from Justsim the release. You wont go wrong with which ever one you choose and the differences will be very much down to personal choice.
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