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Thread: need advice motion platforms

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    Default need advice motion platforms

    I hit 65 in a few weeks and thought I would crown the moment with one of these, I know nothing about motion platforms and was hoping for some advice, they don't come cheap this one on Amazon is £2,239.98 and will also need a seat to mount on it....... Maybe some of you fine standing guys can give links to alternatives or just some plain old advice...

    "European made, professional platform designed in collaboration with world Leading commercial motion engineers; Specially designed for just the seat to move
    Incredibly fast, yet smooth realistic movements using professional motion cueing profiles and software engine; The most compact design in the world yet it's incredibly powerful
    Supports up to 285 lb. users; Simple to use with dedicated click and play Next Level Racing Platform Manager Software compatible with all major racing and flight titles on PC with simple USB plug in
    VR Headway technology built into the Platform Manager Software; Passive and active cooling with adaptive fan speed control
    Electromagnetic motor shaft brakes ensures zero movement of the platform when the system is switched off; Built in power source..."

    Click image for larger version. 

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    the shiny things under the seat dont look like pistons that can extend/retract. If so then I think that would mean no roll. Also no pitch.

    maybe more suitable for cars then. less for flightsims.

    did you look for threads about it? (Google)

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    This site is for advice for 'Auto Sports Simulation' ONLY and not for hardware, etc. 'ASS' is for vehicles, specifically Race Cars, for FS9/FSX simulation. Nels set up this forum for OK Daley, his race tracks (scenery) and race cars. So it's not for anything else (ie:sim equiptment/hardware). Sorry.
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