Selling a complete, ready-to-go, motion-enabled simulator and includes everything seen. Custom built, this simulator can be switched from helicopter to airplane to car racing simulation. The helicopter and aviation simulation was built specifically for real-life training, while the car simulation was added for enjoyment. Both a helicopter and airplane license was maintained with this system as supplemental training and is still helpful to keep skills sharp. The simulator include the DOF Reality motion platform and is completely compatible with MSFS 2020, XPlane and iRacing. Only reason I am selling it is because I am moving. The setup is located in Minneapolis, MN. The entire simulator package includes:

DOF Reality 6-Axis Motion Simulator Platform. Provides pitch, roll and yaw. Compatible will all major simulations: Microsoft Flight Simulator, XPlane, iRacing.
Racing Bucket Seat
Pro Flight Trainer Puma Helicopter And Aviation Flight Controls. Includes cyclic, collective and tail rotor antitorque pedals
Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2
McLaren GT3 Steering Wheel
CSL Elite Pedals
3x 55” TCL 4K Monitors
Next Level Racing Stand
Computer - Ryzen 3900X, RTX 3070, 1TB M2 Storage, 24GB Ram

Asking $10,000 for the entire setup.

Please message me here with any questions.

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