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    I would like to take a try at a flight sim.

    I have a decent racing sim rig, including triple monitors, but no way to remove the wheel base from the rig to install a yoke, which would be my preferred controls. I think it would be relatively easy to figure out a way to mount a stick to my rig (extruded aluminum). I am looking at entry level sticks, either a Thrustmaster T16000m, or Gladiator NXT (I’m very much open to recommendations!).

    I am not convinced yet of the quality of the throttle that can be ordered with the Thrustmaster, it appears many users are having to modify it to get it to operate smoothly, and I am not prepared yet to spend what it would take to get a throttle from VKB.

    I have seen gamers that use two sticks for controllers, but have not found any information on people using two sticks for flight sims.
    Would that be an option? Or better to get the Thrustmaster and plan on modifying it, or just use the slider on the base of the stick as a throttle? Using the slider on the base of the stick seems like it would be a bit awkward.

    Any advice is welcome!

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    If you have USB then a Thrustmaster would be fine to start out with and get a feel for the sim......
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    I got the Thrustmaster throttle, but decided to order the VKB Gladiator. Still waiting on it

    Thanks for the help

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