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Thread: Weather: Where Is Blue Sky?

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    Default Weather: Where Is Blue Sky?

    Hi: I am a new user of X-Plane 11.55; For some non-apparent reason. I cannot get blue skies and perfectly clear weather in the simulator...It always appears gray and foggy...I have tried every setting I can find related to weather with no luck...Can someone advise me? Thanks...
    Steve in Kansas
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    I normally set it on the second screen after XP loads up.

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    Am having trouble installing Norvelle T38 in XP 11.55.
    Do you have any suggestions ?
    Ron In AZ
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    >>Where Is Blue Sky?<<

    There are many different procedures that yo can use you to get the colors you want in XP.
    Set the Weather in Menu>Flight>Flight Configuration>Weather to Visibility 100 clear.
    The simplest is after you start XP go to Menu(top line)>Developer>Show Sky color and try “hialt”
    Use the LUA and create your own Script, see my example below. Just Rename it, remove .txt, and place it in x:\...\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts folder, see procedure inside the file, and you can use it to also improve your Frame rate if you assign keys to the Increase Decrease LOD(Level Of Detail).
    See the pics, at KFUL in the cpit and Outside a view from above KSNA looking West at 2:22 Zulu Aug 11.
    Post here if you have more questions.

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    The default haze or fog setting is too high in X-Plane. Have a look at the following forum where it describes how to tone down the haziness, with a "fog-be-gone" setting:
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    All you have to do, so you don't mess with X-plane's weather is add a program called BLUEFX (it's freeware). Go into the menu and just up the slider that says Raleigh Scale.

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