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Thread: Flight Factor A350 in VR?

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    Unhappy Flight Factor A350 in VR?

    Hi. Anyone have this a/c? I bought it some months back but have not been able to fly it yet as the IOS (EFB/tablet) is completely 'dead' in VR mode (I have never flown 'on the monitor' again after my first VR XP11 experience!). I use an Oculus Quest 2. The 'blurb' showed the a/c to be VR-capable. Well, all the switches do work, but with with no flight setup possible (unless I keep removing the VR headset, switching to non-VR and back), it's a non-starter.

    Opened a ticket with FF, but apart from being asked to reinstall the a/c, several weeks ago now (no change), I have had no other response from them. Great! Wasn't cheap either.

    Thanks for any ideas on this.
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    No help for the a/c. Your post is recent so if I may ask you a question unrelated to issue your are working on.
    Electric aircraft need good lightweight battery for source of energy. In flight simulation what prevents simulating a battery to have these features weather in reality it does or does not. What is the determining factor to allow this or not if it is simulated. Thanks and excuse my intrusion

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    By way of a 'bump'... anyone have the FF a350, and a VR headset? Be good to know if others also find the 'OIS' dead.

    Still no reply, after months, from Flight Factor and their 'ticket' system. What rubbish customer service :-(


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