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    Geachte mensen,

    28-11-2021 heb ik bij gekocht en gekregen de Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2 als download.

    Ordernummer : JFL95594721E7583C5A

    In verband met een kwestie dat een DLC ten behoeve van

    Flight Simulator X gemaakt door Justflight niet volledig wordt weergegeven in de game. Zie bijlage. De DLC betreft de Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2 (for P3D & FSX) (JFF002788)

    Laptop heeft een Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 videokaart. De drivers bijgewerkt tot de meest recente versie.

    Laptop maakt gebruik van Windows Defender als antivirus en firewall beveiliging. Uitgezet tijdens installeren.Deze is geheel bijgewerkt. (Windows Home 10) .

    De installer die de DLC installeert toegevoegd aan de uitzonderingen van Windows Defender.

    Alle reeds geïnstalleerde versies van de DLC verwijderd met behulp van Apps en Onderdelen van Windows.

    DLC onder toezicht van een vriend “retired system administrator' (gepensioneerde systeembeheerder) geïnstalleerd.

    Geen bijzondere meldingen tijdens installatie gezien. Geinstalleed als administrator.

    DLC toont nog steeds de eerder gemelde kwestie.

    Lijkt op het niet volledig weergeven van de textures, of van onderdelen van de mesh. Instellingen probleem in de game? Ontbrekende onderdelen in de DLC? Compatibiliteitsprobleem?

    Weet u het ? Ik hoop het,

    Hartelijke groet,

    Jan Peet

    Opperweg 2



    [email protected]

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    Some remarks first:
    - don't mention the JF Order Number, it could be used by hackers (not sure, but it's irrelevant anyways)
    - don't write out yr email address, it will be used by spammers
    - only a few of the forum users understand Dutch

    As for the actual subject of the post:

    Apparently you tried to join a picture of the problem, but as we can see it's missing.
    Missing mesh and/or textures in a correctly installed addon are mostly caused by system overload.
    Try lowering some settings in FSX and see what gives.

    And maybe try to post the attachment again?


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    Here's the English version minus the unnecessary stuff!
    Dear people,

    28-11-2021 I bought and received the Avro Vulcan B Mk at 2 as download.

    In connection with an issue that a DLC for the benefit of

    Flight Simulator X created by Justflight does not fully appear in the game. See Appendix. The DLC concerns the Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2 (for P3D & FSX) (JFF002788)

    Laptop has an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 video card. Updated the drivers to the most recent version.

    Laptop uses Windows Defender as antivirus and firewall protection. Disabled during installation. This has been completely updated. (Windows Home 10).

    Added the installer that installs the DLC to the Windows Defender exceptions.

    Removed all pre-installed versions of the DLC using Windows Apps and Features.

    DLC installed under the supervision of a friend “retired system administrator”.

    No special messages seen during installation. Installed as administrator.

    DLC still shows the previously reported issue.

    Seems like not fully rendering the textures, or parts of the mesh. In-game settings problem? Missing parts in the DLC? Compatibility issue?

    Do you know? I hope so,


    Jan Peet
    Mr Zippy Sent from my keyboard using "Whackamole", NudgeAKey + 2 Fingers

    No flight Sim installed until I get a new computer.

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    Maybe turn off DX-10 Preview if it is checked!
    Mr Zippy Sent from my keyboard using "Whackamole", NudgeAKey + 2 Fingers

    No flight Sim installed until I get a new computer.

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    And what does Just Flight support say about the issue?


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    Seems your not alone - you need to generate a support ticket at justflight as Jorgen suggests
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