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Thread: KBT Electra/Orion for P3Dv4?

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    Default KBT Electra/Orion for P3Dv4?

    I've seen in other posts there is apparently a version for P3Dv4 kicking about but I cannot find among the sea of other versions. If it's true can someone provide links to the L-188 and the P-3?



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    Yep there is, only the L-188 Electra, I was part of the team that rebuilt it for P3DV5. Most of the bugs are gone and the VC is now a proper VC with nearly full functionality. Guages and FDE also all redone. VC lighting relies on FSL Spotlights. Problem is we have not got permission from KBT to release it publicly. That is not a refusal by them as they did it for some other versions but seems they have other things on their minds at the moment and we just cannot get a response from them. PM me and I will get you an upload link to " try it out" in the interim.
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    Hi Oldcrusty,
    I wonder if I would be able to try out the L-188 too? I tried to PM you but it appears my current forum permissions don't allow it.

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