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Thread: How do I tune the ADF in the KingAir ?

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    Default How do I tune the ADF in the KingAir ?

    I can tune the VOR's OK but can't figure out how to access an ADF tuning screen ?
    ADF's must be in there somewhere because I have an option to display ADF pointer on the PFD.
    It's important to note it isn't the normal Garmin G1000. It's a touch screen type of thing.
    ADF is about the only thing Leeds Bradford has (apart from a localiser).
    I've tried all afternoon and have given up. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Sadly, near as I can tell, you can only tune the ADF radio on the steam cockpit. Until I can get a second pop out panel for the steam gauges onto my "instrument" screen, I am not flying steam. This is disappointing since I like running a non precision approach on smaller fields and popping out of the clouds near minimums with the runway in front of me.

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    Red face

    Thanks for that. I've stopped flying the King Air and now only fly the Daher. The ADF works fine on that.

    I also noticed that some ILS approaches such as Leeds Bradford and Ronaldsway, weren't working in the King Air but in the Daher, they're fine.

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