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Thread: Annoying pop up tips while flying MSFS 2020

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    Default Annoying pop up tips while flying MSFS 2020

    Ever since the latest MANDATORY upgrade there are so many pop up tips on the screen that the sim cannot be used. One is quite large and right in the middle of the screen which blocks out everything. Even with the pop up tips disabled they still come back. I'm sorry I bought this sim. Too many problems.Is there any way to avoid thses mandatory up grades ?? Every time there is one the settings are all mucked up and thius time the game is ruined. I'm glad I still have FSX. I would like to get this fixed if possible. Anybody know what to do ?? I've asked for help from Microsoft, but I probably have a better chance of seeing God. Please help !!! Thank You

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    This has to be one of the easiest things to fix in MSFS2020. I can't believe the number of people that complain about upgrades and the developers, but never explore any options within the menus. You simply turn off the tooltips and other cockpit assistance in the cleverly marked assistance options. You will find no more popups, shut them all off, as the sim defaults to easy for all settings. This sim makes FSX look like a cartoon, but feel free to return....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artoee View Post
    Is there any way to avoid thses mandatory up grades ??
    Like you said, the updates are mandatory. So you answered your own question.
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    The simple answer: The update reset all of the options on the assistance menu to on, so we had to reset them to our preferences. There are plenty of other things from the update that required workarounds more difficult than this one.

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    Please advise what to do (workabout) about the rudder returning to the neutral position even with the joystick is held on full rudder. Also how to stop the throttle going full on even though it is set to idle on the Joystick. All this started with SU7 - why?
    This only happens when flying a 'free flight' I don't have the problems flying a training mission or adventure.
    [added later]
    After searching the internet I found that SU7 reset all settings and so I went 'looking' and changed many from ON to OFF. That seems to have fixed the problem.

    Still it is annoying that SU7 could have either advised/warned users during the update that all user settings would be reset and to check them after the update OR better still NOT to change them although maybe this was not possible with the changes being implemented.
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