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Thread: Program crashes after responding to ATC instruction to contact ground, after flight

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    Default Program crashes after responding to ATC instruction to contact ground, after flight

    After a flight, I turn off at a taxiway, and ATC says to contact ground. As soon as I respond, the program crashes. My old Dell used to do this, but my newer Dell did not, but now it is, as well.

    I used to use some tricks to mitigate this, such as saving the flight before I turn off, which worked for a while, then it didn't. I then started delaying my response to the ATC until they repeat the instruction to contact ground, which worked for a while, then it didn't. The longer the flight, the more likely this is to happen. Recently, it happened after a short flight.

    It messes up my logbook, (the flight doesn't get logged), and the state.cfg file (the time doesn't get added to the file).

    Any solution to this vexing problem?

    Elmer J. Fudd

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    Does not seem to be ATC issue. Does it happen at the same airport, are others OK? If at the same airport, is it add-on airport? If it is add-on turn it back to default one and see if the problem persist. Any other add-on scenery around? To me this sounds like a scenery issue with non standard textures.
    Peter Bendl
    ex. British Airways

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    It happens at any airport, no matter where I fly.

    Elmer J. Fudd

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    I have a friend that had the same problem, I'll ask if he ever fixed it. My recollection is that he got a new computer instead.
    Tom Gibson

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    I guess checking your addon scenery would be a logical step. In the Scenery Library uncheck the Enabled box for all of your addon scenery (including Addon Scenery). Then restart FS and try a flight again.
    Tom Gibson

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    I have no add-on scenery. I tried that once, in the FS8, and didn't like the results, so I left things the way they are. Right now, I'm doing a flight around the world, using the Grumman Albatross. I wonder if the plane has something to do with it. I did another flight yesterday in another machine using an A35 Bonanza, and didn't have the problem there.

    I guess I'll have to wait until I finish this flight, before I switch planes and see if the problem continues.


    Elmer J. Fudd
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    My FS9 often crashes when I am taxiing if:

    I have a small spotter plane window open looking at the side of the plane so that I can see where I am relative to the runway;

    When I have touched down and switched the main view to spotter so I can taxi clear of the runway;

    I have not closed the small spotter view.

    Computer Management/Windows Logs/Applications usually shows that weather.DLL is the problem. I keep a spare original version of weather.DLL tucked away - I delete the version in FS9/Modules and paste the original into Modules.

    Everything is then okay for months on end. The problem can occur with other DLLs - I check Windows Logs to see what has caused the crash and replace the faulty DLL.

    I have no idea why this occurs but I can live with it. It doesn't happen very often.


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    Thanks for the tip. I've checked the Weather.DLL files, (keep in mind that I run my sims on old XP boxes. I bought a new Win 7 computer about nine years ago, with the hopes that it would run FSX, but found that it would not even run FS9 properly. FS8 runs fine on it). The Weather.DLL files I have are the originals, installed by FS9.

    I'm beginning to suspect that the Grumman Albatross may be the culprit. When I finish this trip, I'll switch planes and see what happens. That'll take awhile. In the meantime, I've mitigated the problem by landing on the water nearest my destination. No ATC, no problem.

    I have another box with Golden Wings and Silver Wings installed, and have no problem there. If it turns out to be the Weather.DLL, I can copy the good one from there.


    Elmer J. Fudd
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    I may be off track but look at the radio entries in the Bonanza and compare them with the Grumman, if different copy the Bonanza entries in the Grumman and edit out the old ones, see if that works.
    Just a guess but worth a try.


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    I have FS9 running on Win 7 Pro 64-bit and it runs very well. I do not have any compatibility settings in use just run FS9 as Administrator. I did run it in XP mode but I have found since that not using XP mode made it run much better. I have Ground Environment Pro, Ultimate Terrain Europe and Genesis mesh.

    I use a dedicated SSD for FS9.

    I have been flying the MS Flight Sim for years - I'm 73 and have Paris scenery on a floppy disc. My first MS sim flew on the old screens with just green and black. I have dabbled with X-Plane but until we get fast broadband in our little French village I think FS9 will see me out.

    Happy flying,


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