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Thread: New Vrtual Flying Club:

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    Default New Vrtual Flying Club:


    I have created a new virtual flying club. It is located at

    It is oriented to the new sim pilot, and also towards general aviation aircraft, but it is not restricted to either.

    It is intended to accommodate a wide range of interests and experience, and to allow flying under a variety of conditions and aircraft. It is also intended to be a place where you enjoy and share your interest in aviation in general with others. You do not have to be a sim pilot to join in.

    I hope you will stop by and give a look around, and try things out. You can also even just sign the guestbook to say hello and give any comments or feedback.

    Best regards and many thanks! CEC

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    The forum for com, where you can learn more about what is taking place there, is available for you to view or sign up at:

    There are also many other User Features related to aviation available to you on the site at:

    I hope that you will pay a visit.

    Best regards, CEC

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    Default is now beginning to have mutual live flights between pilots that have joined this new flying club. The flight tracking will be restricted to (and sites without the complexity or requirements of VATSIM. No online experience is required. Just hook up with a fellow pilot via the forum linked into and fly together with your friends! All are invited and your sky is the limit, CEC
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    An introductory video to is also available at:

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    Here is some news on schedules and hubs that have been arranged for you at

    The New Flight Schedules are on site With 92 Destinations Thus Far!!!

    The new flight schedules have been published under the operations tab for the St George HUB, Dallas HUB, and Tyler HUB. All pilots are free to fly any scheduled flight regardless of which HUB they are home-based out of. Additionally all pilots may choose to manually enter a flight plan of their own accord into the ACARS. Just fly and have fun. New schedules are being generated for a Missoula, MT HUB as well as a Redmond, WA HUB. Please feel free to submit any requests for new routes or HUBs. Perhaps you know of a hidden gem in the general aviation community which is off the beaten path. Let your voice be heard.



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