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    Can I please have some feedback on UT USA from Flight1.

    Have recently purchased UT Alaska-Canada and after resolving a flaw with Vancouver shutting down the FS, I am finding it very useful. A vast difference to fly in Alaska and Canada now.

    I am contemplating to get the UT USA now but have some concern with hundreds of Add-on airports I have in the US; and its effect on it.

    Any advice on pros and const on UT USA would be much appreciated.

    Peter Bendl
    ex. British Airways

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    I have used both of those addons for years and have really enjoyed them. Many 3rd party addons provide UT compatibility files to prevent conflicts while others state the scenery was designed to work with UT.

    There are some relatively obscure areas in the default scenery where rivers flow uphill, waves are inland from the coast and coastal mountains or cliffs have water climbing up the sides. Thankfully most of these type of issues were corrected in the products development so to me its a very minor issue if one at all. Again, most scenery released after UT have addressed any conflicts with it.

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    Thank You Steve
    Peter Bendl
    ex. British Airways

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    I agree. Compatibility with add ons is pretty good. The benefits of UT USA far outnumber any conflicts you might have……….in my opinion. Since you’re a user of another UT product it shouldn’t take you long to get all the settings exactly how you like them.


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    There's a basic rule in FS that says: build your 'earth in Fsim' from the bottom up, starting with;Mesh, then Landclass and finaly Scenery. If your add-on scenery contains only scenery 'objects' and their 'paint'
    then it should be no problem..... I have all UTX (in FS9 and FSX) and hundreds of add-ons mostly scenery, have no real problems with them. My system is low end, so being forgiving keeps me a happy flyer...........

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