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Thread: Mouse Control of Panel Intruments

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    Default Mouse Control of Panel Intruments

    I am having trouble with my Dell mouse when I try to turn the knobs on various gauges. Example: when attempting to turn the heading bug knob on some Xplane panels, instead of having control over the knob, the panel gets closer or farther away. It is impossible to get any results in preflight settings. This is not with the aircraft that came with the default program. Any one have that problem?

    Thanks, Grizz

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    Hi Grizz.
    If you have Mouse with the Wheel try and navigate to the area and use the wheel Up/Down.
    You can also do multiple clicks also. Make sure you turn Off Cinema Verite and your panel is stable / does not move. This has always been a problem and at some point, hopefully XP12, they will make it easier to Speech interface / control some of these inputs that can take many clicks / a long time to get done.

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