Hi all,

just started a website and Discord channel, looking for people that enjoy flying all the smaller stuff. Dare I say life under 20,000 feet, well most of the time anyway.
If you like flying General aircraft, Helicopters, float aircraft, classics, freight, agricultural and the odd jet. Looking for a group of likeminded people that also enjoy your interest, then we would love for you to join us.
If you fly 2020, P3D, Xplane or FSX we can join up to fly online. We have a place on the website where you can log your flights.

On the Discord channel, just stay out of Wolfy's Bar and Grill. there is some strange guy looking for pilots to fly some rather shady flights at weird times and very low, well that's what we have been told...

If this interests you pop in to https://aerodromefliers.weebly.com/
have a look around, we are just finishing off a few last tings on the website.
join us and make this a great place to meet