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    Thumbs up YsFlight

    I've replaced CFS2 and CFS3 on the Windows 7 64 Bit computer with YsFlight!

    Christopher Tarana

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    Hey, Christopher. How was your experience with YsFlight? Did you like it? It was my first fly simulator since I was told it's the easiest one to start with.

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    I give it a Seven Star rating! It comes with a Direct X version, 2 Glide Versions and a Server version! The settings are easier and no crashes like Fs2002 did! The autopilot actually lands the Aircraft and parks them! Keyboard and Joystick work too. Since a lot of YsFlight Addon Authors are on the YsFlight Headquarters Forum that's a good one to Join! The scenery has an IFF so flying over hostiles ships results in SAM launches!

    Christopher Tarana

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