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Thread: Reno Air Race... $60.00 (USD) OUCH!!!

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    Default Reno Air Race... $60.00 (USD) OUCH!!!

    I'm going to pass on this one and the scaled down $19.99 version.

    Betting it will go on sale in 6 months or so.

    Call me cheap, as I always wait for ORBX and Carenado sales too.
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    I’m with you on this one. A bit expensive isn’t it?
    Don’t think I’ll bother either.

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    I hope to have spent it on the Aerosoft Twin Otter by then... and then there'll be the Hondajet... and after that there'll be the Cirrus SF50... there goes Saturday nights out for the foreseeable future!
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    I'm not going to buy it either - partly because I'm not interested, but also a little out of spite for not fixing year-old bugs and missing features (some quite simple).

    I will happily support the team by buying their products when the core sim is up to standard, but the Reno thing kind of shows their priorities are slightly misplaced. So my support will stay at the Deluxe version, which I bought in 2020.

    But don't get the wrong impression, I'm not bitter and I'm mostly enjoying the sim. I just won't reward misplaced priorities. Not that they'll lose sleep over me, haha.
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    yea sure there are only 4 plane classes that are made up of the same model of plane but the *actual plane models*?? All individualized!! Performance, textures, interior... $60 is a freaking bargain are you kidding me?

    That said, I won't be buying it cause I don't have a need to fly 40 diff planes :P so yea the price is great for the whole package but hopefully they also see sense in allowing you to purchase them individually to pick the ones you *actually* want to fly in certain classes

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    In the developer Q&A they explain that you can buy the planes individually and purchases count towards the package prices. The $60 pack gets you all planes at $1.50 each. The $20 pack gets them at $5 each.

    Looking close at the Q&A videos, there are fair differences between them too - canopies, wing tips, even fuse lines can be different. While I’m not so interested in the jets, I’m getting the full ride because I want all the P-51s, T-6s, and Pitts, so basically $2.00 per plane I want.

    I have really enjoyed Dantesmante’s Reno scenery but can’t wait to see the new version for the races. Curious if it will be a free plugin or only available if you buy one or more aircraft. Even if the special Reno scenery is only visible when racing, Dantesmante’s scenery at is still excellent and has all the pylons.

    One last trick if anyone cares is Mr. Proper’s Enhanced Live Traffic. Since all the Reno planes are real world and at least some of them are ADS-B equipped, it should be easy to add them all where if the real plane is flying, you see it in the sim if running ELT in proper shape and livery. They said even if you don’t have all the planes to fly them, you will still see the other planes you don’t have, so ELT might be able to show all planes too. Lots to find out yet.

    I had hoped to watch the Races in the sim using ELT but ADS-B coverage is bad over the course. It’s line of sight and apparently nobody near the course has set up a receiver. The ridges between Reno the city and Stead appear to block the signals. But if you look up the various aircraft on flight tracking services (you may need a premium account to see historical data) at least some have good tracking possible when flying where there is coverage (like Oshkosh).

    It’s too bad We lost Al Goss and his T-6 “Warlock”. I’d love to see his paint in the sim, too. Super nice guy and the crew was too.
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