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Thread: Sporty's Sim Buyer's Guide

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    Default Sporty's Sim Buyer's Guide

    Just received this in my home mailbox - it's their choices for peripherals for 2021, a pretty good read.
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    Indeed, a good read! Thanks for the link.
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    Thanks for the link. Very informative. I'm now looking at Redmond's products more closely.
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    Good link, Randy. The author covers things fairly well. I'd add to his list something that Sporty's doesn't carry, though it's expensive -- the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog -- which has (for me, at least) all of the benefits of the X-52 but is more rugged and uses Hall Effect sensors rather than potentiometers, which eliminates the problem with dirty pots, in addition to quite a bit more accuracy with small movements (it uses more bits of resolution- 16-bit resolution [65536 x 65536 values]). I've been happy with mine for years now, and the programming is quite versatile, if you care to spend a little time digging deeper into it, yet quite easy if you want to keep it simple. They even have pre-programmed profiles for several programs.

    For me, this has all but eliminated any need to use the keyboard or hunt for controls.

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