If you are new to MS2020 and/or have little technical savvy, like me, and are having a problem configuring your new Flight Velocity Trim Wheel Pro, perhaps I can help.

Open MS2020, go to OPTIONS, then to ASSISTANCE OPTIONS. As a tech-poor pilot you may have selected or defaulted to the EASY mode which means you have AI AUTO-TRIM. If you are trying to configure and adjust sensitivity of the wheel while in AI AUTO-TRIM mode you will be fighting the program and will see very erratic uncontrollable results in the cockpit when you move the wheel. TURN OFF the AUTO-TRIM.

As there is no manual for MS2020 you may have searched and found the set-up instructions to install your new wheel at: https://flightvelocity.com/pages/tri...p-instructions. These instructions did not work for me. Here is what I did after much experimenting, bothering Forum folks, and cursing:

1. Make sure your new trim wheel is plugged into a USV port on your computer.
2. Open MS2020 and to go to CONTROLS
3. Select “FLIGHT VELOCITY TRIM WHEEL PRO” at the top. You will probably see a ? on the right side as the program doesn’t recognize the wheel. You will see nothing in the set-up window.
4. On the left side action window find FILTER between two blue arrows. Click on the right arrow and select ALL. You will see a list of flight characteristics pop up.
5. Go to “SEARCH BY NAME” on the left side and type in “ELEVATOR TRIM”.
6. Find at the bottom of the setup window “ELEVATOR TRIM AXIS (-100 TO 100%)”
7. Click on the left empty box next the “ELEVATOR TRIM AXIS (-100 TO 100%)”
8. Check the REVERSE AXIS box
9. You will see a new window pop up: “>ELEVATOR TRIM AXIS (-100 to 100%)”. Click “START SCANNING” and turn the wheel on your new trim wheel. You should see, “JOYSTICK SLIDER X”. Click “VALIDATE”
10. You will return to the previous window. Look at the white bar and turn your new trim wheel. You should see it move.
11. Go back to the left side action window and click on “SENSIVITY”. Begin with the default settings and that should be good for you. If not, experiment with the values. See You Tube for advice on how to make changes to sensitivity.
13. Fly your plane and experiment and trim away.

Message to Microsoft: If you want to increase market share, and make money by selling to people who just want to LEARN HOW TO FLY AN AIRPLANE and who are not computer savvy—MAKE THE PROGRAM EASY TO LOAD AND USE! TELL PEOPLE EXACTLY WHAT CONTROLLERS TO BUY AND HOW TO INSTALL THEM. MAKE A PRINT MANUAL FOR DUMMIES AND INCLUDE IT WITH THE PROGRAM. Same with ADD-ONS. Sheesh.