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Thread: AI Landing Lights Trigger

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    Default AI Landing Lights Trigger

    I am using Ultimate Traffic Live (UTL) for my AI. I have just completed a reconfiguration of all the UTL aircraft landing lights, to Shockwave lights. With the lighting features of Shockwave, there is a dramatic positive increase in visible light as AI aircraft land, particularly at night. I never noticed this before this lighting change, but shortly after the tires touch the runway, the aircraft rolls a short distance and then the landing lights are turned off leaving the aircraft to navigate the taxiways with only ambient light. Also observed aircraft taxing to a takeoff runway also do not display running landing lights until a pre-determined distance from the runway hold position at which time the lights are automatically turned on. Just wondering if anyone knows the file and setting which controls the on/off execution of the AI landing lights?

    I suspect it is controlled by FSX as I notice the same scenario when landing the default 737-800 after manually turning on the landing lights. The aircraft rolls a short distance after touchdown and the lights automatically turn off.

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    That behavior is hard coded. But TAXI lights are turned on each time the plane starts rolling during taxi. So if you can code some taxi lights via Shockwave, that might fix it.
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