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Thread: Bijan Seasonal Trees V5.05 (free version)

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    Default Bijan Seasonal Trees V5.05 (free version)

    Have had the subject trees installed in the Community Folder prior to recent UPDs 4&5 without any issues. As of late the Sim won't load unless I remove them.
    Would I be correct in assuming that free versions have not been updated?


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    This mod is perhaps the most frequently updated item for MSFS - at least every two weeks (usually on a Sunday) but occasionally an interim revision if something important arises e.g. a bug.

    However this I believe only applies to the payware version so yes, the freeware has probably not been revised. But the latest sim updates have made earlier versions unusable - there was a major rewrite for the payware offering.

    Having invested early on in this mod I wouldn't now be without it. The ability to change between the four seasons makes everything that much more realistic. IMO it is probably better to buy from Simarket rather than the in-sim Marketplace as it is updated much more quickly and there is also a range of options to choose from. I bought the 4-seasons pack which is a good all round choice for flying anywhere.
    Just Google Simarket MSFS for a link.

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    Thank you for the informative response. Will give the pay ware version some more consideration.


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