What: Iceland “Troll Hunter” Weekend Achievement Flights
When: Saturdays, Starting Oct 16th, 8am PST, 11am EST, 1500 UTC
Where: TeamSpeak3, connect to ts3.digitalthemepark.com
Additional Info: www.digitalthemepark.com

*** Earn your next DigitalThemePark achievement badge! ***

As the start of our Discover-Europe series, join us for group flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D, FSX, or X-Plane exploring Iceland. Callsign "TomSWFL" over at DigitalThemePark has created 11 wonderful flights to explore this region. You will want to fly your favorite low and slow aircraft. Icelandic folklore is riddled with countless tales of fantastic spirits that reflect the unique natural landscapes in which they reside. For more information and topics covered, please visit www.digitalthemepark.com

Note: We suggest getting connected before the event in order to make sure your headset fully works, and familiar with TeamSpeak. Download TeamSpeak at www.teamspeak.com, connect to ts3.digitalthemepark.com, and message Zoolander64 or one of the other [STAFF] members as we stay connected 24/7 and usually flying or not far away from our computer.

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