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    Hi. I'm having this problem on FSX:

    Using FS Recorder, when recording the flight over the other one that I've already recorded, to make some formation flights, the aircraft of the first recording keeps going back and forth all the time. The configuration I use in FSX's FS Recorder is the same as in FS2004 and it works fine there, without these strange pulls on the aircraft.
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    Well, that's the setting I've always used. I've already tested all the other recording options and it didn't work. I also downloaded other versions of FS Recorder and still the problem remains. What I'm using in this case is 2.1, the same as I use in FS2004.

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    I don't have FS Recorder installed any more, so I can't be too specific. However, looking at your setting here I would note that the recording interval for AI traffic and the user aircraft are different, which is where I would start. It seems to me that the relative positions of your aircraft and the AI will vary as the frame rate varies, which would explain what you see. If there is a way to set the recording intervals using the same algorithm (i.e. both based on frame interval or both on time interval), that ought to work better.

    I would also suggest turning off 'record AI traffic', which I think will still allow you to record 'playing traffic', and also as many of the recorded data fields as you don't really need, since this ought to boost performance.

    Finally, I would also suggest getting the latest version of FS Recorder (2.181a), which lets you render the combined flight to video in non-realtime. I don't remember if this eliminates the jumpy recordings but I have had very good results with that version.

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