Hi folks!

Ok, I did this years ago in FS9 - got a USB keypad and set it up as an autopilot thingy. I needed a bit of assistance getting some of the key assignments set up that weren't in the assignment configurations list, but it was successful thanks to you folks telling me what to add to the *.cfg file (FS9.cfg????)..

Similar issue here on FSX - so long since I last did this...

I want to assign NUM 8 to BCN lights, NUM 9 to Nav Lights.

I'm also having issues setting up a key assignment for the DME swithch. My keypad button works fine in FS9 toggling the DME button on/off, but I've tried both DME related items in the configuration list and neither operate the said button. This is for NUM 3.

I was also having a problem with the BAC button. Selecting SHIFT+NUM 9 and 'BAC' button toggles on/off in FS9, however, in FSX this jointly activates the AP APPR light and the Flight Director. Incidentally I have Flight Director as standard NUM 9. Again, all operations fine in FS9.

I was a little complicated setting the pad up because FSX has re organised the assignments in the list, so it wasn't a simple process as replicating everything from the FS9 set up list.

Just need to know what I needed to add to the ????.cfg file.

BTW - long time, but I set upo Mach Hold for SHIFT+NUM 3 in FS.... not sure why as it doesn't do much; isn't it the same as speed hold?

Thanks in advance e to everyone. Your assistance is appreciated