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    After the latest shambolic update which, for me, brought back the old problem of the aircraft not being able to move despite full engine power, I've decided enough is enough. I thank all those who have been some help to me on this forum, and I apologise again to anyone I may have upset with my frustration and rants. I will use prepar3d and Fs9 once again for my flight sim purposes. For those of you for whom the sim works, I am more than pleased. For those that have the many problems, I realise that this is not the place to let my feelings known, and for this reason I have posted to the MS Forums as below.
    Clear Skies and Safe Landings to you all,

    Having used flight simulator software since 1995, I can honestly say that this is the most buggy and unfit for purpose software that I have ever come across. I have struggled for over a year now wanting it to work, willing it to work, tweaking this and tweaking that, but it just gets worse. Every time something is fixed, something else is broken. If Asobo are reading this then l suggest you tear it all down and start again. If Microsoft are reading this then maybe its time to look for fresh developers. Don't suppose my opinion counts for anything, but for the moment it is just a complete waste of hard drive space.

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    Hi Geoff,
    Sorry you’ve had so many problems and feel this way. Personally MSFS still blows my mind and the occasional glitches are still worth it. I’ve used all versions since FS4 (plus Xplane..and many others) I enjoy this one better than all of them. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a pretty good setup now, including VR.

    It sounds like you’ve made your mind up, but the full throttle/not moving things sounds like the parking brake..but does it happen with all aircraft? Maybe you’ve got a duplicate control bound. Doesn’t sound too much of a problem, but if P3D or the older FS9 work fine for you, then I wish you all the best.
    Remember, you still own MSFS so who knows.. in a few updates time, take another look.

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    Thanks Steve, but yes, I will get more pleasure actually flying in the other sims, than encountering the problems in the new one. Perhaps it's an age thing, at almost 70 maybe I'm past trying to sort problems, and quite happy with things that just work. I'm sure that in a few years MSFS will be the goto sim, and I will have another look at it if I am still around ;-)

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    Geoff I see you posted on the MSFS forums. That's a good thing as they do not read these comments from the scuttlebutt I got. That said, I waited a full year before getting it (and buying the DVD boxed copy) just last month. It was a pain, mostly revolving around getting the MS store to work right on updates.

    I'm so sorry MSFS is not working out for you, but I urge you to take a step back and regroup not in two years but just in a few months. It's apparent you have something else going on hardware related that clearly has not been identified. I'm a month in the sim now with about 45 hours and still fine tuning things and far from FSX-like pleased around even the basics like flight control feel. Best wishes!
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    Na i'm 82 and msfs always worked for me except when i caused it

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    Hi Geoff, sorry to hear of your troubles with MSFS2020. I too was having terrible problems even with an excellent setup. The now infamous sim update 5 caused mayhem for a great many users if their forum is anything to go by. Unable to update, I uninstalled and tried to re install but even that would not work.
    I tried all the fixes known to man but without success.
    In exasperation I pushed the nuclear button and re installed windows 10 with all the updates etc. I then re installed the sim successfully and updating has been ok, so far... Build
    Like you, I also use older more stable versions of the sim.(FS9 and FSX) In my very humble opinion FS9 with all the addons is truly a work of art and arguably the best version MS ever produced. That's just my personal view and I respect other posters opinions.

    A few weeks back I started a new thread on this forum called " A cautionary tale" in which I too vented my annoyance at MS and Asobo. It would appear that passions were somewhat inflamed as I stirred up a hornets nest which was certainly not my intention at all. I was just mad like you. That's all.

    As Steve posted in this thread, the plane not being able to move on full power does sound like a duplicate bind for the parking brake. I find the flight model to be a bit twitchy still especially in the smaller light aircraft. Lowering the sensitivity settings has helped though.

    Anyway, the point of this reply is to be positive. Enjoy your simming time and have fun! You will have a blast with FS9 and P3D. I still make make time for FS9 and FSX and use the new sim for what it really excels at which for me is low and slow sightseeing flights. I am going round the world in the Carbon X Cub with the Bush League Legends team. (At least until the next dodgy update anyway!)

    Perhaps in a bit you might like to try again with MSFS2020. There are lot's of friendly and knowledgeable on this forum, lot's of very good youtube "how to" type vids and there is a payware manual by Sofly with is very good too. Why MS did not include one beggars belief. Keep the blue on top
    whichever is sim of your choice.

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    Thank you all for your good wishes and constructive comments. I will pop in to the forums now and again, and I may even try it again in a few months. But for now, I'm quite happy flying the sims that work for me, and to be honest, I need to keep an eye on my blood pressure.
    @Mark, I fully agree with your comments about fs9, it is rock solid stable and a pleasure to use.
    Thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by markhoare View Post

    ......I am going round the world in the Carbon X Cub with the Bush League Legends team......

    How will you go across the Pacific with the Carbon X Cub? Is that even possible?

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    Hi to Oneleg,

    I will cross the pacific by flying up the coast of Southeast Asia. So China, South Korea, Japan, Eastern Siberia and over the Bering Strait into Alaska!! The all the way down the Alaska pan handle to Canada.

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