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Thread: Flight Simulator 2000, help

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    Unhappy Flight Simulator 2000, help

    I decided to reinstall the working build on Windows 10, but everytime i launch the game, after intro and splash screen there is no menu.
    Any help please?

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    Hi, it does work in W10. Maybe not with all cards, but I got it to work in a GTX 1050, so, unless you suspect you have a very high one, I would try the following.
    - Run everything as Administrator and in Compatibilty Mode (Windows XP Service Pack 3 or 2)
    (I remember, when I did like that, it still made me update Direct X drivers, but the system did it
    automatically and it worked)
    - If that doesn't work, try to install it in another W10, better older than newer and see. If you still
    have problems, maybe your copy has problems or you could be doing something wrong.


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