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Thread: Autopilot Bank angle limit

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    Default Autopilot Bank angle limit


    With some aircraft I have noticed that the bank angle when adjusting the heading in autopilot is quite extreme and unrealistic. Does anyone know how I can adjust the bank angle limit (to say 20 deg) for altering the heading in autopilot.

    My guess is there is a setting in the aircraft config file but not sure.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    thanks Gary

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    Default RE: Autopilot Bank angle limit

    Welcome Gary. 30 degrees may seem a lot, but I do believe that is a standard turn bank. I'm not a pilot so I don't know for sure. Try altering the heading in autopilot a little at a time and see if that helps.


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    30 degrees is not too much but may be if your up a cruise alt. a standard rate bank will vary depending on your airspeed. the lower the airspeed the lower standard rate bank. i dunno how to change it though. lol

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    Default RE: Autopilot Bank angle limit

    You can specify it in the .air file, for those that use the autopilot for turns. Use Air Ed for this (should be available here).

    I recall going for my night checkout in the Archer a couple of months ago, and the instructor asked me for a steep turn.

    In an instant I threw her into a 60 bank, and he said, "oh, you're doing commercial stuff, okay, I've seen enough".

    I did the same when going for my BFR in the Piper Arrow, only with FULL flaps, and the instructor said: "Jeez, they didn't even have us do that at Flight Safety".

    Not bragging, but a steep turn is a steep turn, and 30 is NOT a steep turn, unless they are serving dinner in the cabin. ;-)

    I recall the Alitalia pilots doing those all the time in the DC-9s back in the 1960s.

    Look, many times you can do a shallow turn, it's not an issue, but sometimes...

    Of course, the real question that begs is...

    Who's flying the plane, you or the autopilot?

    Don't like how the AP does it, then do it yourself, afterall, YOU not it is the PIC! ;-)

    You spill the drinks in the back, the AP will NOT get the blame in real life, YOU will. :-eek

    Lou Betti

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    Default RE: Autopilot Bank angle limit

    "You spilled my drink"

    That's what my commercial/CFI instructor used to say to me all the time if he felt I was jerking the plane around or--his real pet peeve--taking turns to fast on the taxiways.

    As for turn rates, I'm with Lou. Don't like what George is doing, take control yourself. The slower your airspeed the less bank angle you need for a desired rate of turn. I read somewhere that 747 pilots don't use anymore than 15 degrees bank when turning with more than 15 degrees of flaps. I've found this to be a good rule of thumb when flying any heavy iron in FS2K2.

    I believe real world autopilots compensate for the airspeed changes, but I doubt FS2K2's is that sophisticated. The only aircraft add-on I've seen that lets you adjust the max bank angle for the autopilot is Wilco's 767 PIC.

    P.S. Hey Lou, how do you like the Dakota? I've got a PA28-181 and am happy as a clam, but I'm betting those 54 extra ponies are pretty nice.

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    Default Autopilot and Bank Angle

    I fly a Beechcraft Baron 58 with KLM Flightacademy livery.
    In the .air file in the autopilot section there is the following:

    can anybody explain to me these parameters?
    can I change them?

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