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Thread: Visibility of AI traffic.

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    Default Visibility of AI traffic.

    I have about 150 hours now in FSX, about a third of this flying in contact with ATC, either IFR or VFR with flight following. I have AI traffic turned on for GA and airlines at moderate levels. Tags are turned on, and I see some AI traffic, enroute and around busy airports. However, ATC calls out a lot of traffic I simply cannot find. Is there more I need to do to make the traffic visible? Or does ATC in FSX call out phantom traffic in addition to what the traffic algorithms actually put out there to see.

    I don’t remember this in FS9. If ATC warned of traffic, it was visible.

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    Not sure this is the answer you're looking for but in your flight plans for AI aircraft the first part of the plan is:


    The % there needs to be lower than your slider settings in your sim. I tend to keep my slider set at around 90% and the flight plan settings around 10%.

    Of course, you may be using packaged AI, like WoAI, so you'd have to decompile them to change any flight plans then recompile them again.

    Why not just set your slider to 90-100% to see if this works for you, first?


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