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Thread: Mid-day Complete Trip...The United Way.

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    Mid-day Complete Trip..San Francisco (SFO) to Los Angeles (LAX) The United Way...

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    Thanks for commenting, Darryl

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    Excellent set! All great shots of the A320.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pugilist2 View Post
    Excellent set! All great shots of the A320.
    I agree 100%! Great shots!!

    RW I will also say I made that trip in reverse the Air California way in the 60's. Air Cal only operated as a bus line would. It operated all fliights in a counter clockwise rotation. So it was a direct flight down the coast, though with several stops, from SFO to LAX.

    Going from LAX to SFO also included stops in Santa Ana, San Diego, Riverside, Sacramento, and a ton of other cities before finally getting to SFO. Again using a counter clockwise rotation.

    In fact LAX to Santa Ana was a several minute flight and much faster than driving on the freeway. Santa Ana to LAX took several hours including all those other stops including a stop in SFO!!! Driving a car, riding the Hound, or riding a motorcycle was a much faster trip. Hitch hiking would probably be faster most days as well!

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    Thanks for the commentary.


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