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    Always after I land any aircraft, my rudder just goes nuts and automatically turns left or right. I've tried several solutions such as removing duplicate assignments between joy stick/yoke and keyboard and I have also turned off all the assisstance piloting settings. Nothing helped. Does anyone know about any other solutions that might help me get rid of this trouble?

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    I've noticed this issue as well. I've only flown the TBM since the update and the aircraft is almost unflyable due to the new bugs. After inputting and flying an Instrument Approach, the throttle does not respond after awhile either.

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    Check to see if your flight model got switched to Legacy instead of Modern. It should b e Modern.
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    This problem has been around for a while. To me it's like driving on ice. There have been various "fixes" given, think it might be related to crosswinds??
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    Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same problem.... Just curious, what pedals do you use?

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